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A great logo is a visual representation of your business. This put simply means that a logo does not sell directly, it identifies. This sounds pretty simple, but there are logos and then there are really great logos. So what makes a logo really great? We’re about to break it down into some simple values.


This sounds like it goes without saying – of course you want a logo that looks great. But to be able to do this you need to understand your audience and know what makes them tick.


A logo needs to be relevant to its brand. Just because you might like the look of it this does not mean it will be appropriate for clients audience.


Don’t make it too complicated! An good logo is recognisable and unique, without being too obvious. So it is important that your logo is not a description of your business. Your logo is very rarely the complete story as far as your brand goes.


If all developers used an icon symbolising buildings what would distinguish them from each other? Having said this, incorporating a graphic mark that is obvious works well – IF – it’s done in a clever or abstract way.


A good logo design needs to be practical. To achieve that you need to consider how it will be used across different applications in print and digital.